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Enhancement Services

FANUC Robots are built to last. Although over time, any robot will experience wear and tear, resulting in decreased productivity. FANUC Robotics Customer Resource Center (cRc) Enhanced Service Group can provide multiple levels of service for your entire robot. As well as just the wrist assembly. We can also design and build applications and main assemblies for your robot.
Our enhanced services allow you to recapture the original productivity for 30-50% of the cost of a new robot. Additional savings are realized because: New system controls are not required.

  • New tooling is not needed.
  • Original path programs are maintained.
  • New training is not required.
  • Use of your spare parts inventory is maintained.

All levels of maintenance services provided by FANUC Robotics are performed to the original manufactures specifications. The possibility for optional upgrades and enhancements to meet present specifications and/or safety standards can be reviewed the customer if desired.

Note that there are a number of variables that might affect the service life of robots in production operations such as duty cycle, environment, and user adherence to FANUC Robotics recommended preventative maintenance schedules. As this could be the case with most any robot, FANUC Robotics performs an evaluation on each robot prior to any maintenance services in order to recommend the appropriate level of service.

Before Enhancement
After Enhancement

Outline of services described within this document

Robot Evaluation - The evaluation service includes testing and a thorough examination to identify the condition of the robot(s). Once the evluation is complete, FANUC Robotics will provide a revised proposal outlining the recommended repairs and maintenance services. This revised proposal will include all costs associated with the re-certification process.

Re-Certification Service - To further identify the integrity of the robot(s), the re-certification service provides a more thorough inspection. The robot(s) will be disassembled to the level that is necessary to perform the recommended repairs. All disasssembled drive components will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. In addition, each drive will be drained and refilled with new lubrication. Upon completion of the recommended services, the robot(s) will be re-certified and a performance report will be provided (if requested).

Robot Evaluation Service consists of:

  • Visual inspection of the robot and controller
  • Powering up the robot and checking general functionality
  • Checking teach pendant functionality
  • Performing backlash tests
  • Exercising the robot for a minimum of 3 hours
  • Conducting a repeatability test

Robot Re-certification Service

The re-certification service takes the evaluation of the robot to the next level. The service includes complete disassembly of each axes or assemblies that did not pass the tests performed during the robot evaluation. The intent of this process is to further identify any non-conforming items which may otherwise be difficult to detect. The re-certification service will correct all non-conformities identified. Testing and validation is performed to ensure that the robot(s) conform to original factory specifications.

There are four processes that make up the re-certification service:

  1. Inspection
  2. Mechanical Unit and/or controller repairs
  3. Maintenance
  4. Test & Validation