Plasma Cutting – FANUC America
  Plasma Cutting In the delicate job of welding, mistakes or flaws become magnified. As a result, this important part of manufacturing needs to be perfect. Robots provide the most cost-efficient and reliable method of quality control. FANUC Robotics has a number of both arc welding and spot welding robots that are both consistent and efficient.

Of the multiple significant tasks that these robots can complete, plasma cutting is one of the most revolutionary and precision based. This process involves taking a gas and propelling it in a straight line while an electrical arc is shot down the stream of gas to create plasma. This plasma is extremely hot, and therefore capable of melting most types of metals with ease. At the same time, the gas can efficiently move the melted metal away from the cut.

ARC Mate 120iC

This amazing robot can weld and cut metal at high speeds while still staying extremely accurate. In order to program the robot, you are conveniently provided with user-friendly ArcTool  robot software. A few of the other great features of the ARC Mate 120iC include:

  • The ability to cut very large parts
  • Reduced air-cut times
  • Slim wrist size is helpful for small openings
  • Serial link construction results in greater flexibility
  • Wire feed motor improves reliability and arc start capability
  • Integrated wire feed control cable, with shielding gas hose and welding power cables
  • Multiple mounting positions including floor, invert and angle

Plasma Cutting is only one of the multitude of advanced tasks material removal robots produced by FANUC can perform. For all your welding and cutting needs, if you want nothing less than the best be sure to choose FANUC America.