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Flash Removal

FANUC America, which recently celebrated its 26th year in business, is the leading supplier of robots and robotics in the Americas.  We offer many robot solutions, of which 250,000 units have been installed worldwide. One field of robotics where FANUC is leading the way is Material Removal.  Material removal can consist of cutting, deburring, grinding, routering, or polishing, but an additional service FANUC America provides is flash removal, also known as deflashing.

Flash removal is necessary to remove undesired residual mold flash that remains on molded parts after they’ve been removed or ejected from the mold cavity. In robotics, flash removal takes the form of a cutting tool, normally with a distal end for removing excess flash from a variety of materials.

R-2000iB Series

The R-2000iB Series is FANUC America’ most recent generation of a heavy payload, six-axis (as opposed to SCARA) robot capable of material removal. It features the intelligent robot control system and offers the manufacturer higher value via improved performance, reliability, and maintainability. The R-2000iB Series can do more than material removal. It is also capable of:

  • Automotive spot welding and general assembly
  • Part transfer
  • Dispensing
  • Machine loading
  • Arc Welding

And more. Some additional robots produced by FANUC capable of flash removal include:

  • F-200iB
  • M-10iiA Series
  • M-20iA Series
  • M-710iC Series
  • LR Mate 200iC Series

We’ve also developed an advanced, innovative, patented process for robotic deflashing called AccuDeflash, capable of trimming a wide variety of plastic parts. AccuDeflash utilizes to maximum effectiveness the speed, repeatability, and reliability of FANUC America to provide a consistent automated process, even throughout part-to-part variations.  For more information on AccuDeflash, click here.

Let FANUC supply your business with the robotics solutions to help build a competitive edge. All FANUC robots come with free 24/7 technical support should any problem arise with our product. Contact us for more information regarding any of the robotics models or to request informative datasheets.