FANUC America Corporation


Robot Applications

A FANUC M-710iT robot loading multiple machine tools. The M-710iT top loader robots have a 70 kg payload. A dual part gripper is used for the machine tool unload to speed up the cycle time required to remove the parts.

A FANUC M-10iA robot loads a Haas machine tool through an automated side door. Use of a powered side door maintains full operator access to the machine tool operator panel.

Dual FANUC M-410iB robots palletize bags at high speeds. Mechanical clamp grippers have automatic servo-controlled adjustment for varying bag widths.

A LR Mate 200iC robot loads a FANUC ROBODRILL through a side entrance. A dual part gripper is used to reduce the time required to load and unload the parts.

Two FANUC four-axis M-1iA robots using iRVision visual tracking locate and pick randomly placed rubber erasers from a moving conveyor at high speeds.

2 FANUC M-10iA robots pack tubs of cream cheese at high speeds. The tubs of cream cheese are moved on a conveyor where iRVision 2D is used to locate the tubs before the robots pick them up.

A FANUC six-axis M-1iA robot equipped with iRVision 2D and a color camera picks and sorts pills of different colors demonstrating FANUC’s unique capability to support customer processes with color features at very high speeds.

A FANUC 6-axis M-16iB robot picks a raw part from the conveyor and then loads the Makino mill. The full articulation of the FANUC 6-axes robot allows secondary operations, like deburring, to be done.

In this automated system, a FANUC M-421iA robot packages cups directly from a filler into cases for shipment. The system can process up to 1000 cups per minute.

In this automated system, molded plastic handles are accurately applied to large beverage containers. The containers are delivered to 2 LR Mate 200iC robots in open-top cases typical of club store displays.