FANUC America Corporation


Robot Applications

Two FANUC M-iA/0.5S four-axis robots equipped with iRVision/2D assemble and disassemble small LED Lens into PCB bases. The robot uses...

A FANUC M-430iA robot unloads diagnostic test kits from a tray and places them on a conveyor. The robot users a vision system to pick and place the test kits

A FANUC M-420iA robot picks up loaves of bread and places them into plastic bread racks. After entering the cell, the loaves are compressed by Colborne's patented tooling to maximize the number of loaves per bread rack.

Innovative machine tool automation begins with using the plan view to perform the layout of the machine tools with the robot automation.

A FANUC M-410iB robot palletizes presentation boards of different sizes with a fork tool and a vacuum assist. Once the proper unit load is reached, the pallet conveys to the stretch wrapper outside of the work cell.

A FANUC M-1iA high speed parallel link robot (also known as a delta robot) and an LR Mate 200iC robot assemble and disassemble solar panels.

Two FANUC LR Mate 200iC robots equipped with 2D iRVision and a rotary flexible parts feeder assemble pens together. iRVision is used to pick multiple sections of the pen from the flexible parts feeder and the robot then assembles the pieces.

Two invert-mounted FANUC M-430iA robots equipped with FANUC’s iRVision visual line tracking software pick randomly-oriented packs of gum from an infeed conveyor and place them on an outfeed conveyor.

A FANUC M-10iA robot loads terminals and bushings to a rotary style insert molding machine. The robot also unloads parts from the mold. The M-10iA gives a benefit of a 35 second mold cycle time and consistently produces molded parts

The FANUC M-1iA CERT cart has a mobile design that fits through standard doorways for easy transfer to many locations. No setup is required and the cell runs on a standard 110 VAC power supply.